Match play

(a) The match shall consist of three games. The team that takes the best of three games shall be declared as winners. The team that first scores the 29th shall win the game. Teams shall always start each game from a different side than the side they started the previous game.

(b) There shall be an interval of 2 minutes between the end of the first game and the commencement of the second game and 5 minutes between the second and the third games. This time interval should not be altered.

(c) The choice of sides and the right of first service shall be decided by toss at commencement of a match. If the team winning the toss choses the right of service, the team shall have the choice of side and vice-versa.

(d) At the commencement of a amtch the umpire shall allow two trials, one from each side and after the trials are over the umpire shall call 'play' with due imitation to the scorer and line referees and from that time regular play commences.

(e) One umpire, two or more line referees and a scorer shall be nominated for each match.

(f) When the umpire calls 'play' the side refusing to play the match shall lose the match.

(g) The umpire shall be the sole judge of fair or unfair play and of the fitness of the weather and the light for play. His decision will be final.

(h) A ball is in 'play' from the time a player attempts to serve until it touches the ground or until.

(i) If an umpire erroneously calls 'fault' and at once corrects himself and calls 'play' and the striker out fails to return.

(j) No umpire shall be changed without the consent of the Tournament Committee.

(k) Each of the two or more line referees shall be responsible for one boundry line and one half of the side line opposite to the umpire and other duties assigned to him by the umpire. They shall signal to the umpire by means of a code prescibed by the Federation.

(l) The scrorer shall record the points scored and also the number of hands in the score sheet.

(m) The ball may be replaced by the umpire if it is either lost or deformed.

(n) A 'let' or 're-service' shall be givn by the umpire for any unforseen or accidental hindarance.

(o) The umpire in addition to his other duties, shall also look after the net. He shall announce the score on behalf of the scorer whenever a point is scored or a server is out. In announcing the score, he shall first call the number of the serving hand, then the score of the serving team and then the score of the other team.

(p) In the event of a match being suspended by the umpire for reasons of light or weather or any other reason it will be continued from the point at which it was stopped.

(q) In the event of tie between two or more teams in any tournament, matches shall never be replayed. Ranks on the basis of game score and on the basis of point score if tie still persists, shall be declared.

(r) No match is won unless played or given up except in case provided for in the sub case (f).

(s) The team that gives walk over shall not be allowed to take part further in the championship/tournament.

EXPLAINATION: In a league tournament when two or more teams finally have the same number of matches won/lost to their credit it is difficult to declare which one is a better team among them and we say that the teams are tied up. A tie may be there between any number of teams. When a tie arises we look at the game score of the tied teams.
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